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Risk is everywhere in organizations large and small.

Whether it’s sparks from welding, corrosive chemicals, electrical hazards, loose gaskets or what have you, risk can be found almost everywhere throughout the supply chain, and incidents can affect your people, your assets and your reputation.


It is estimated that there are a third of a billion nonfatal occupational accidents that take place every year.
Source: International Labour Organization


In the United States alone, workplace injuries cost employers billions of dollars every year.
Source: National Safety Council

Human life is priceless. But workplace injuries and incidents have financial implications for employers—a significant one at that.

Documenting incidents is important but it can’t undo what has already occurred.

Many companies document incidents and near-misses after they occur, which is known as “lagging” indicators. It’s necessary for regulatory compliance, but it’s not a strategy for preventing incidents.


Almost half of companies say they are unaware of their Major Accident Hazard vulnerabilities.
Source: Sphera’s 2020 Process Safety/Operational Risk Management survey


Public companies that demonstrated excellence in employee health saw portfolio returns of 333% compared with 105% for the S&P index for the same period.
Source: Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Focusing on safety is not just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do.

Organizations that focus on an advanced safety culture see improved financial results.

How do you keep your people and assets safe while protecting your reputation?

Digital Transformation allows organizations to “see” risk as it develops to help companies make smarter business decisions and prevent incidents before they even occur.

Challenge your thinking with the latest safety possibilities.

Through information, innovation and insights, companies can drive a world-class safety culture that elevates their global reputation.

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